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The Melbourne Orthodontic Group
We are the premiere choice for Melbourne Orthodontics. We service the Brevard County community with pride and a humble heart. We focus on family dentistry and offers orthodontic treatment for children, teenagers and adults. We understand the importance of cosmetics with our clients, which focuses on whitening, bonding, veneers and crowns, but we primarily focus on achieving Health and Beauty through orthodontics which in the long run is what's best for the overall health and beauty of the client. Unfortunately, many people neglect their health by just focusing on the cosmetics, which usually offers a quick fix, but it's not the optimal solution for achieving the best results in the majority of clients we see. Just about everyone wants straight white teeth, but there are several options the clients may not know about to achieve this goal. To focus on cosmetics would be like putting fresh paint on a wall, but the drywall has mold and damage to it. This is what many people are doing and not being concerned about the structure and beauty. This is the science and art of orthodontic dentistry. Our goal here for everyone of our clients to have a great smile and lasting results. We achieve this by implementing a team approach and working together with multiple professionals that are advanced in orthodontic treatment. Most people aren't usually aware of the great value and the low cost of health care for seeing an orthodontist. We look forward and hope to see you soon at The Orthodontist Melbourne Group.

Orthodontist Melbourne
We are members of the American Association of Orthodontist. We offer Invisalign and Braces for our patients.